Litoral Coelho SA

Slaughter and Commercialization of Rabbit, S.A.

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Our Identity

We are we?

We are a modern company. We are located in the center of the country, with headquarters in Cochadas, parish of Tocha, Cantanhede, and we are dedicated to the slaughter and commercialization of rabbit. We started our industrial activity in 2004, always with the goal of professionally serving our customers.

Improving competitivity through the continuous improvement of quality and security of our products and processes is our mission and purpose. We export rabbit meat to Europe and frozen rabbit subproducts.

Our corporate principles are based on a simple trilogy: competence, dedication and quality. We see ourselves as one of the leading companies in the sector in Portugal. We rely on our assets and our workers for the development and increase of our activity.


What do we offer?

MITT - Rabbit Meat
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We produce several cuts of rabbit meat, from the most traditional to the most innovative. We have two different ranges:
MITT DEBONED - boneless rabbit meat cuts
MITT LUSITANO - rabbit meat cuts with bones
MITT CHARCUTERIE - charcuterie made with rabbit meat


Our range of by-products, frozen in blocks, packaged on a 1200*1000 mm pallet, with approximately 1.000kg, include the following references:
Rabbit Skin
Rabbit Feet
Rabbit Ears
Rabbit MDM
Washed Rabbit Intestine

Nutritional Characteristics

Rabbit Meat

21g of Protein

Source of proteins of high biological value.

117 kcal/100g

Low energetic value.

4g of Lipids

Meat with low fat content.


Last News

Installation of Photovoltaic Panels

Litoral Coelho SA proceeded with the installation of 460 photovoltaic panels, thus meeting its goal of continuous improvement as an environmentally friendly company. Every month we avoid the emission of about 28 tons of CO2 into the atmosphere, equivalent to planting 1500 trees.

Our Facilities

Where are we?