Our Company

Mission, Vision and Values

What is our identity?


We work to provide the best quality to our customers, with maximum quality and freshness, in a profitable way for the company, preserve the environment by adopting the best practices in the treatment of industrial waste and seek the satisfaction of our stakeholders (customers, suppliers, employees, society and capital).


We intend to be a reference company in the cunicular sector, seeking to provide the customer with different ways of presenting rabbit meat, contributing to a diversification of the offer and attracting new customers for the consumption of rabbit meat. Adopt the best commercial practices for the promotion of our products, through digital platforms and influencers, seeking the promotion of rabbit meat with a view to its increase and a cultural change in its consumption habits.


Preserve team spirit, based on the family's civil values, through transparent and humble leadership, committed with management, integrity and practiced by example. We intend to make a difference in everything we do, through innovation, the relationship with our competitors and the market in general, always trying to act quickly and trying to minimize the error, in search of total quality.

Our team

Who are we?

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Ricardo Tavares


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Catarina Tavares

Financial Services and Accounting

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Ana Filipa Moreira

Administrative and Logistic Services

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Sara Pato

Quality Management

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Sandrina Carvalheiro

Production Management

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Marlene Mendes

Cutting Room

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Cremilde Santos

Slaughtering Room

Our Process

How do we work?


We carry out continuous quality controls throughout the production process, complying with all legal requirements. With the HACCP system (Hazard Analysis Critical Control Points), we intend to have a preventive system for the production of innocuous foods. Our quality management system, which is implemented according to IFS V6.1 and BRC V8, guarantees a high and constant quality of our product.


We work with the best distributors, who take care of our products, so that they can arrive to our customers in the most efficient way. We are present in the modern distribution and in a more direct way, through our online store, where we make available all of our portfolio products.

Corporate Policy

What are our commitments?

Since 2004, our company develops its commitment with the consumers, employees, producers, distributors and society in general. For that, we commit to:
• Focus on the customer and consumer health, by continuously promoting the satisfaction of clients fundamental needs and expectations;
• Maintain an active and effective communication with the stakeholders/every party invested (suppliers, clients, supervisory authority and others), about subjects, such as the food security;
• Promote the end-consumer health, through the application of a safe and efficient HACCP system, and through the thorough principles of total quality, referenced by the IFS and BRC;
• Periodically check the Food Quality and Safety Management System to guarantee that there is a continuous and efficient improvement, assuring the execution of food products according to the legal and contractual requirements with the stakeholders/interested parties;
• Promote the company's sustainability through a pro-active attitude and posture, related with quality, legality, authenticity and food security;
Actively fight the food fraud (Food Defense) through measures towards its employees and suppliers, contributing to a authentic and quality product;
• Contribute to a better environment, by having a policy of a sustainable use of resources, promoting the efficiency of processes, as well as the sustainable treatment of the waste, thus reducing the increasingly emergent pollution and, guaranteeing the integrity of the environment;
• Evaluate periodically the suppliers, grading their performances according to the quality of the products they provide;;
• Favor the development of the organization through a transparent, socially and ethically responsible conduct;
• Progressively and continuously improve the efficiency of the Quality and Food Management System, through the fulfillment of its requirements, as fulfilling the regulatory and statutory requirements associated with the services and products.


What are our certifications?