• Food safety certification according to IFS Food V6
    Date: 1 de September de 2017

    Food safety certification according to IFS Food V6

    The food safety certification according to IFS Food V6 was renewed for another year. We are grateful for the distinguished recognition and we have been grateful for the effort and dedication provided by our employees throughout the year.

  • Rabbit suprems
    Date: 16 de January de 2017

    Rabbit suprems

    Rabbit suprems in Lidl stores January 19-23.

  • Happy Holidays
    Date: 23 de December de 2016

    Happy Holidays

  • Litoral Coelho in Aspoc
    Date: 14 de November de 2016

    Litoral Coelho in Aspoc

    We are Team!
    Congratulations to Aspoc for her 25 years.
  • New product –  rabbit steak pieces
    Date: 24 de October de 2016

    New product – rabbit steak pieces

    Rabbit boned and cut into small pieces, for a quick meal and high nutritional value. Product for sale in Lidl stores!

  • Dinner Tasting
    Date: 12 de July de 2016

    Dinner Tasting

    The Litoral Coelho S.A, in partnership with the restaurant “A Cova do Finfas” will organize an event that combines solidarity, gastronomy and music, on 01 March 2014 at 20.30 hours.

    So we have the opportunity to taste a gastronomic menu of rabbit and music made for you.

    We hope to meet you in the Cova Finfas on the beach Torch.

    We would like to count on your support to this event and can still contribute jointly by the cost of the ticket, to a local charitable institution such as the Obra do Frei Gil – home to children and young people devoted to the care of children and young people in male risk.


  • Classification “Higher level”
    Date: 16 de June de 2016

    Classification “Higher level”

    The Litoral Coelho SA has been certified according to food safety IFS Food V6 reference to the classification of “top level”.

    Because it is an important reference for our company, we want on this occasion to express to all our employees, satisfaction with the commitment they demonstrate every day to achieve the highest quality standards.

    Our customers and suppliers, transmit them to continue working towards them to offer the best quality and service levels.

  • Consumer information
    Date: 27 de April de 2016

    Consumer information

    In case of dispute the consumer may resort to an Alternative Resolution Entity of consumer disputes:
    CNIACC – National Centre for Information and Consumer Disputes Arbitration
    Contacts: 213847484
    E-mail: cniacc@fd.unl.pt
    Web: www.arbitragemdeconsumo.org/ www.facebook.com/cniacc

  • Rabbit meat as a protein source
    Date: 16 de February de 2016

    Rabbit meat as a protein source

    The proteins of rabbit meat are ideal to help the better development of muscle mass and bone maintenance. Moreover, intake of vitamin B12 contributes to normal energy metabolism and helps reduce fatigue and fatigue.

    Sport and physical activity increase the need for energy and some nutrients, which must be supplied through diet. Rabbit meat helps to meet these needs. The inclusion of rabbit is advisable in high-performance athletes diets due to their high nutritional quality of their high intake of protein and vitamin B12, its fat content and its good lipid profile. In fact, while for the general public are recommended intake 0.8 g / kg protein / day, it is recommended to athletes 1.4 to 2 g / kg / day.

    Moreover, athletes need to moderate the intake of fat through a maximum contribution of this 30% of the total energy required. In rabbit meat, fat and their quality are excellent. In rabbit meat, the fat content is only about 5% and is accompanied by a high quality fatty acids.

    A balanced diet that includes rabbit meat will contribute to the provision of essential minerals for physical activity, such as selenium, which protects the cells from oxidative damage produced by intense exercise, phosphorus, it contributes to good bone status and potassium, which help the normal functioning of muscles.

    Maintaining a varied and balanced diet, taking into account the requirements of each individual, it is crucial. Lean meats such as rabbit meat, are suitable for all those people who perform strenuous exercise or practice some sport.

  • Happy Holidays
    Date: 23 de December de 2015

    Happy Holidays

    For all our customers and suppliers a desire for a happy Christmas and a good year.

    Litoral Coelho Team