Deliciously Healthy

According to the Portuguese Association of Nutritionists (APN), rabbit meat is one of the dietary and healthier.

Originally 100% Portuguese, Litoral Coelho aims to contribute to the national market disclosure of rabbit meat. Indeed, it is a product in which there is little information.

Rabbit meat is a traditional Mediterranean diet, a product widely used in the manufacture of light meals. Litoral Coelho claims arouse public interest in this white meat through innovation and adaptation of the product sector and precooked sausages.

Rabbit meat, ideal for nutritional balance, is assessed to be tender, succulent, tasty and easy to prepare. It is recommended to consumers of all ages. This given, and taking into account the care that society Assign ownership to follow a healthy diet, it is of great interest that factory farming of rabbits grows under the new Common Agricultural Policy.

High dietary

Part of white meat, rabbit is appreciated by consumers for its taste and for its easy digestion, characteristics that place in dietary products. According to the NPC, rabbit meat is recommended for the quality of its “good” fats and for its low calorific value (+ _160 Kcal / kg), the same level as the vitamins and minerals needed by the body . It is also recommended in the restrictive diets associated with various diseases, such as cardiovascular and, since it has a lower uric acid than red meat, rabbit meat is more suitable for people with hyperuricemia or rate gout.

The quality of the meat can be classified as excellent, containing 21% crude protein, 70% of H2O (water), 4% fat, rich in calcium and phosphorus and low in cholestérol.L a benefit for consumers of rabbit meat is the variety of ways of make, given that the absence of precooked products in the domestic market has been circumvented by Litoral Coelho: “people are looking for quick and easy meals, accompanied easy instruction.

For this reason, we are developing some precooked rabbit at prices accessible to the regular consumer white “meat. Currently, we have rabbit barbecue, ready to be put on the embers, to satisfy the whole family.

Our Product

Our Product - Coelho Lusitano

The rabbit meat is a traditional Mediterranean cuisine. It is presented as a whole or broken up, being the ideal meat for meals with family or friends.

The whole rabbit is particularly suitable for cooking in the oven or barbecue.

We offer solutions that help you achieve your objectives in the kitchen.

Benefits of Rabbit Meat

Classified as white meat, it’s appreciated by consumers because of its taste, easy digestion which makes it, based on its nutritional composition, an highly dietary product.

Rabbit meat combines health and pleasure, and is recommended for consumers with dietary concerns, because rabbit meat has a low level in calories, for its richness in protein and “good” fats which increase the intake of omega 3 fatty acids.

Rabbit meat is ideal for a desirable nutritional balance, it is appreciated for being tender, juicy, tasty and easy tasting, being recommended to consumers of all ages.

Coelho Lusitano

Rabbit meat, the flavor of the meat.
“The pleasure of eating is still intact”

For many consumers the quality of food is primarily associated with its flavor. We have taken the initiative to produce the “Coelho Lusitano”, and then we registed it as a trademark.

All the meat produced and marketed under the brand “Coelho Lusitano” follows a set of specifications, as well as stringent controls from creation to the point of sale.

In the kitchen, the “Coelho Lusitano” has facilitated the preparation and cooking process of food. Along with the rabbit, we provide a recipe and a bag of spices “all in one”. Simply add the entire bag to the rabbit and is seasoned and ready to cook in the oven or on your barbecue.